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Alternatives To Medicine: What The Best Self Help Gurus Advise

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When you are looking to alleviate anxiety and depression, you could turn to pharmaceuticals and rely on medications alone. However the best self help gurus at places like Inner Engineering have other ideas. Alternatives to medicines or relying on medicines alone may prove to be more effective.


If you believe in a God or gods, many gurus suggest you spend time in prayer. People who pray become relaxed as their breathing steadies and they recite prayers they were taught or just speak directly to their God or gods. In many ways, prayer is like meditation, since meditation has similar physical effects on the body and mind that prayer does. If you are not sure what you believe (spiritually speaking), or you are an atheist, then meditation is an equally effective approach to anxiety and depression because of its calming effects.

Spending More Time Doing What You Love

Far too often people work jobs they hate or jobs that stress them out. This leads to anxiety and depression as well, especially if you are not taking enough time to do things you love to do. Your hobbies and special interests engage the pleasure centers in the brain, releasing endorphins. Endorphins are the body's natural "happy chemicals." Because of this, self help gurus almost always tell their followers to participate more in the activities and hobbies that are enjoyable.

Be a Little More Selfish

Even though you may have been raised to be as selfless as possible, or you were taught that selfishness is evil, the truth is, you need to be a little more selfish. People who give too much of themselves and say "yes" when they should say "no" are often depressed. They frequently feel overwhelmed and conflicted about wanting to say no, but believing they cannot because that would appear too selfish/not selfless enough. It is okay to say no when you need a break. It is okay to be a little selfish so that you can take care of yourself, and this is advice commonly offered by self help gurus.

If You Are in a Toxic Relationship, Leave

Perhaps the most profound advice from gurus is the advice that you should leave loved ones. Truth is, if you have a friend or significant other who always brings you down and makes you feel worse and not better, he or she may be a "toxic" person. You may find that leaving a toxic relationship or toxic friendship leaves you feeling light and care-free. If you need help leaving a toxic relationship, seek some professional help so that you can become a healthier person overall.