Learning to Manage Stress

Alternatives To Medicine: What The Best Self Help Gurus Advise

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When you are looking to alleviate anxiety and depression, you could turn to pharmaceuticals and rely on medications alone. However the best self help gurus at places like Inner Engineering have other ideas. Alternatives to medicines or relying on medicines alone may prove to be more effective. Prayer/Meditation If you believe in a God or gods, many gurus suggest you spend time in prayer. People who pray become relaxed as their breathing steadies and they recite prayers they were taught or just speak directly to their God or gods. Read More»

Tips To Avoid Relapsing into Your Addiction

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Regardless of whether you have struggled with alcohol, drugs, or any other substance in the past, there are a variety of tools that you can use to deal with the addiction and reduce your chances of relapsing after you’ve recovered. Find Alternative Solutions to Fill the Void In many cases, addiction stems from a need to solve certain problems in your life, such as loneliness or depression. Without your addiction, you might find those problems returning stronger than ever. Read More»